2015 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series info

Submitted by Ash on Thu, 26/02/2015 - 11:37
It is with great pleasure that the Queensland Superkart Club Inc can announce that Motorsport Zone have continued their support of Superkart racing in Queensland. Their sponsorship also covers the 2015 Australian Superkart Nationals to be held in early November at Queensland Raceway.

Attached is the pre entry information sheet with the details you will need to know about the series. With the extra new members we have gained over the off season break, grid will be fairly full so you will need to get your entries in early. Interstate competitors are most welcome as always. As you would expect, all the promotional item will continue to ensure that Superkarts in Queensland maintain their spot as one of the dominate motorsport categories. Its all about the show.

Entries are done online on the Queensland Raceways website. Payments are to be made to the Queensland Superkart Club Inc account. In the 41st year of Superkart racing in Queensland, we are in for a massive year.

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Entries are open for all the events this year as of now. Looks like Hannah and Kody will be joining us for the first event March 29th at Lakeside Park in the new Motorsport Zone Grid Girl uniforms. Grids will fill quickly so don't much around.

Ladies and gents,

A couple of things that may help.

1/ Meeting date shows as 28 Mar 15 (Saturday) for our Round 1. This is a two day meet BUT we are on the Sunday only. Don't worry about the date.

2/ Superkart Challenge = Gearbox

3/ Superkart Cup = Rotax and 85cc

I am getting this changed by QR but it may not happen immediately. If you have entered in the wrong category just re - enter in the correct category and I will amend.

4/ Entry fee is 250.00 and payable to Queensland Superkart Club - same account as you pay your subscriptions to. Ignore the section of the entry that asks you to pay Queensland Raceways.

If you need any assistance give me a call on 5426 8472. However between 0900 6 Mar 15 (tomorrow) - and 1200 15 Mar 15 use 0403 739 236.


Roger Amiss
Race Secretary

So far we have 13 x NGB, 6 X 250 Nat, 5 x 125 GB, 4 x 250 Int, 4 x Stock Honda and 2 x 80cc GB for the first round at lakeside.

Entries close today so you better get on the phone to the race secretary if you want in. Looks like everyone should have someone to race with out there. Can't wait!

Round 1 of the 2015 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series photos can be seen at this Ross Johnson Photography link.

Photo of a titanic battle between 2 Stock Honda attached.

Entries for Round 2 of the Motorsport Zone Superkart Series are closed. 37 entries in total.
4 x 250cc Inter
6 x 250cc National
5 x 125cc Gearbox
4 x 125cc Stock Honda
5 x 85cc Gearbox
13 x Rotax Max
Not 100% sure but the live streaming might be available for this meeting but will have to confirm.

Allan Litten

Wed, 08/04/2015 - 09:42

Hi Ashley,
If you keep those Gearbox karts numbers up, you have a National Championship meeting every club day ;D :)

Great to see those 250 National Class karts out there. Congratultaions to all the 250 National Kart entrants/drivers for building the class up. :D ;D

Hi Allan,
the idea is to have the best competition at club level so when they get to National Championship meetings, it comes natural to them. This is what we are building. Put the rest of the show with it and it becomes what people want to be a part of. Thats my theory anyhow, seems to work so far.

Next practice available for Superkarts will be at Lakeside Park May 30th from 9.30am to 4.30pm. $120.00 for a half day $160.00 for the full day. Race day is the next day, Sunday.
Entries for Round 3 of the Motorsport Zone Superkart Series event at Lakeside Park on May 31st close Friday 22nd May. Better get a wriggle on if you are going to enter.

A good line up for this meeting with many people still testing for the ASC round at SMP early June. Will also be a trial to start the Stock Honda's (5 at this meeting) in front of the Rotax field. Good to see 3 entries from NSW also.
Superkarts that are priced reasonably are selling in Queensland well. However 1 of our Stock Honda's is going back to NSW.
Practice on Saturday is on. $120.00 for a half day $160.00 for a full day. Normally get 3 sessions at 20 minutes per half day.

A sensational race meeting last weekend. Was great to have Graeme and Ryan Taplin up here with us racing. Photos can be seen at the following link http://rossjohnsonphotography.zenfolio.com/top_gear_round2_2015 .
Round 4 of the 2015 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series is July 12 at Lakeside Park again. Look forward to seeing you there.

Queensland Raceways have advised us that balaclavas are now mandatory for Superkarts at Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceway. They are checking to see if they are the fireproof ones or not. Don't think they will like the look of the cotton karting ones very much.
Keep it in mind if you come up here racing. I will have some on hand at the race meetings to buy so nobody gets caught out without one.

It was because a time attack car crashed and burned big time. Was fitted with a window net that was basically plastic and melted onto his neck. This happened at Lakeside a couple of months ago. Their fix to the situation was for everybody to have a balaclava.

2016 Queensland Superkart race dates UNCONFIRMED AT THIS POINT

Round 1 02 - 03/ April Lakeside Park
Round 2 15 May Lakeside Park
Round 3 09 - 10/ July Lakeside Park
Round 4 13 - 14/ August Queensland Raceway
Round 5 10 - 11 September Lakeside Park
Round 6 12 - 13 November Queensland Raceway

Information for the 2015 Motorsport Zone Australian Superkart Challenge can be seen at this link http://www.qldsuperkart.org/article/2015-motorsport-zone-australian-superkart-challenge-further-information

Entries close in less than 2 weeks now. You can camp at the track. Garages are available and must be booked through Queensland Raceways.