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Kartsport SA Inc, the newest way to race a kart South Australia. Our goal is to offer kart racing that is enjoyable and cost effective. Our committee have many years of experience running karting events and clubs, and also as competitors. Kartsport SA hope to bring all the good parts of our sport back together and offer events that people will want to be a part of.

Anyone can race at our events! No costly yearly licence and yearly club membership required. We are affiliated with Australian Kart Racers Alliance and offer our own day licensing (insurance included), so recreational karters, dirt karters and regular bitumen karters will all be welcome to join in the fun. Our racing rules have been set down to help bring back enjoyable competition, through simplification and with less restrictions.

For those who may have midget/rookie and junior karts still in the shed, with a Comer or KT100J engine on it, there will be classes for them to race in.  To those who have a clubman (KT100) kart you are welcome to come out and race it. Our rules do not require a plastic rear bumper, a kart that was legal 5 years ago is likely to be OK with us. The engine rules are opened up a little as well, so if you have modified your engine, opened it up to big bore for a longer life, or whatever, this will be allowed. We hope to attract some dirt kart racers who have maybe thought of trying the bitumen, but never did because of the large start-up costs to get a license, membership and source an unmodified motor.

We successfully re-introduced the over 40’s variable restrictor class for 125cc engines. This has worked very well and will make the sport attractive again to the experienced drivers. We realised that tyres are a major cost factor, so our goal is to move classes back to the longer life, lower cost tyre that still offers performance from the start of 2019.

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