Sportsman Enduro Karting New South Wales (SEKNSW)

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SEKNSW aims to provide a safe, competitive and enjoyable series aimed at attracting teams of all levels. We have teams made up of amateur first time racers, Families including fathers sons & daughters, mums and dads and even professional racers form karting and beyond.

Regardless of your ability you will be welcomed by all and help is never too far away. SEK has a philosophy, You joined us to race and all competitors will help make that happen whether it be prior to a race meeting or during an event. At the end of the day we are all here to race and we need to keep each other on track to make that happen.

Our goal as a club is to provide members and competitors with the most cost effective series in the country. While our rules and regulations have varied slightly over the years, the basics of this working formula have remained.

  • The most reliable engine packages available.
  • The most cost effective components and spares.
  • The cheapest licencing without compromising cover.
  • The most approachable and fair officials.
  • A committee that works for all competitors regardless of experience.

TBA NSW 2000

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