Central Coast Speedway Kart Club (CCSKC)

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Central Coast Speedway Kart Club Inc. was registered and started in 1998, and we have just celebrated our 20th Anniversary !

We pride ourselves on our exceptional hospitality and inclusion, whether you are a Member of our Club or a visitor. We exude the typical Central Coast warm and friendly atmosphere, are family orientated, and have a racing class for every family member aged 7 to 70 years. Operating at Gosford Showground we also have great facilities for any events.

We have many families with multiple generations in the Club, as well as drivers competing in more than one class at each event. Members are more than happy to answer your questions or assist you in any way possible, to ensure that everyone has a great day and enjoyable experience of racing at our circuit.

Our Members race speedway karts for the love of karting, and our major aim is to foster enjoyment and fun for all. This doesn't mean drivers are not competitive on the track however, as we currently hold a large number of podium wins from the latest Speedway Titles!

So if you are interested in joining our club, or just want to watch a high energy, fast and furious day of racing, then check our Events calendar and come to a day at the track ! Spectator entry is always free !

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Gosford Showground
84A Showground Rd
Gosford NSW 2250

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Central Coast Speedway Kart Club (CCSKC)

Gosford Showground 84A Showground Rd
Gosford NSW 2250