CIK FIA Rnd 1 + British Supekart Grandprix June 6th/7th

Submitted by S.Moss on Thu, 04/06/2015 - 04:37
Well this weekend it's the first round of the CIK-FIA European championship as well as the British Superkart Grand Prix and championship races at Donington Park. Only 23 entrants for the CIK races, 6 Div1 UK entrants (running with 250 Nationals), 44 250 Nationals, 12 450's and 34 125's so 129 competitors in all across 3 grids :)

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Allan Litten

Sun, 07/06/2015 - 20:14

Hi Ashley,
I think Ross Allen might disagree:) Congratulations to Gavin and Ross on what would have been a close fight with 0.142 finish. Well done to Toby Davis on coming in 3rd for the Viper Team. :)
Interesting, Ross works for Williams F1 team and hopefully bringing some F1 technical experience to Superkarts. :)

Great to see the CR250 Honda holding it's own with the EVO motors still and setting fastest times of the day both in Qualifying and Race 1.

Allan Litten

Mon, 08/06/2015 - 10:36

Yes, Congratulations to the GAS GAS boys, well done to come from behind and finish 1 & 2. :)

I can see that Ross Allen passed Gavin Bennett on Lap 2 for 1st place and was pulling away from the field with a 2.5 second gap on Lap 6 and then he drop back and looks like he might have stopped.

Would have to be a great race to watch and hopefully, BSA will release a DVD of the event with some in kart footage.

Allan Litten

Mon, 08/06/2015 - 11:37

The GP was a cracker from the results - I would have loved to be there :)
Congratulations to Paul Platt and WIWA Gas Gas - great lap times and as Paul said on his Facebook, the fuelling issues have been sorted and the performance is there.

Some good performance from the other competitors like Gavin Bennett with fastest lap of the race and weekend from what I can see. Dan Clark, Ross Allen, Toby Davis, James O"Reilly ..... what a battle, really looking forward to see the videos from the boys - well done to all and thank you for some enjoyment from this wonderful sport of ours, Superkarting.

In the 125 race, our friend Sam Moss did not have the day I think he would like but still put in some good results never the less. Onward and upward Sam, the next race is around the corner. :)

Hi all.

It was good weekend apart from the 125 Race 1 stoppage due to an incident. I managed 4th for our only championship race of the weekend after qualifying 2nd. I chose to run my 2nd set of new tyres for the race but had to take it steady first lap or 2 while they gripped up which allowed quite a few to get passed at the start. We are limited to 5 sets across 6 meetings so chose to run the first set as long as possible to leave me with roughly 1 set per meeting for the rest of the year.

Lap times were good and I slowly closed up on the front group but not enough time to catch them so thought i was in a good position for the GP. Started 3rd and when lights out the motor never really went.. Cut out fairly often in 5th and 6th so thought I may have cracked a reed or something but after the race everything appears to be ok, just a little oily despite going down a jet for the GP. Could be cut off valve sticking but quite a shame considering we've never had 1 problem with it since we bought it 18 month ago.

It was good watching the 250's with plenty of battles throughout the field. Different winners each race although a few having small problems stopping good results. Paddock goss this weekend is some Honda's look more like a DEA inside than a Honda after a bit of welding and porting. Quite creative if so but lot of work too.

Hi Sam,
in your opinion, are the new MS karts of Kout, Platt and Elkmann wider and lower than most other superkarts there. It just looks that way in the photos. MS Kart must be doing something right at the moment as there are many of new ones racing this year. Kout and Elkmann are leading the pack.
Its good to hear some competitors thinking outside the square and able to compete with the newer engines with their old equipment. Doing a good job by the look of it.

I'm not sure on the MS Kart Ashley. I'll have a nosey at Paul Platts at Anglesey and let you know ;) I know the front end is slightly different on how the bottom tubing clears the brake discs allowing for more front ride height adjustment. Anderson's tend to be quite limited and a trade off between ride height and caster angle.

It wouldn't take much to have adjustable rear ride height with a few extra holes in the axle bearing mounts like PVP has to lower the rear end. I think they look lower as they may run the rear slightly lower to have less chassis rake compared to Anderson and PVP.

They could appear wider as they might run wider wheel tracking by norm, allowing them to have wider chassis + bodywork. The Anderson bodywork seems to typically built to running the wheels 20mm to 30mm in all round, definitely noticeable if you run only 10 in from the ends of the axles. If they do have a wider tracking and chassis it would allow for more stability and also allow more flex in the chassis too. Can never have too many options to adjust it seem. A kart that works well at fast tracks like Assen needs plenty adjustment to work well somewhere tight and twisty like Oschersleben.

There is this photo of their front end design. Much better for ride height adjustment at the front. Thought I had some of the rear end of the chassis but can't find them.


I thought Carlo's was quite different frame wise as it looks like it can get a lot more air under the front of the frame with it having the wing on the nosecone ???

Problem with superkart chassis is not enough room for adjustment. What works for one driver thats medium height and build doesn't work for the tall and skinny guy etc.

I liked Carlo's kart design. Never saw under the flesh but the idea was definitely a good one and nice to see some thinking outside the box. Most superkarts seem to be based around the PVP chassis and I guess if it works well why not, but I imagine there is still much to improve bodywork wise.