Four Stroke Karting Association (4SKANSW)

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The Subaru Karting Association of New South Wales Inc. was formed in 2014.

The vision was to form a club that from time to time ran events for our friends at karting circuits around New South Wales.

Originally, the club ran events under its own rule book, but by 2015 after an approach from Karting New South Wales, the club affiliated with Karting New South Wales and Karting Australia and the Subaru class was included for the first time in a National Rule Book.

Our main focus was to run Endurance events however sprint racing played a key role in the success of our club in the early years also.

Our vision has always remained the same:

  • To provide a fun, social, welcoming and helpful environment where our members race.
  • To use a control sealed 4 stroke motor so everyone is on the same level playing field.
  • To run our events professionally and fairly in the interests of our members.
  • To put back every cent we make into equipment or to promote our club for the betterment of everyone.
  • To visit the best tracks in the ACT & NSW on an annual basis.
  • Utilise a single engine that can be fitted to most karting chassis available on the market.
  • Keep the focus on the awesome people that make our club great, focus on racing, and focus on the fun.
  • Provide the bang for your buck that 4 Stroke Endurance Karting delivers.

Don’t be fooled, this series is super competitive and now boasts huge grids everywhere we visit.

Capacity Grid at Picton – 2018

With the closure of Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan our Subaru power plant suddenly had an expiry date.

In response to this in early 2018, the club voted on a name change to the:

Four Stroke Karting Association of New South Wales Inc.

For 2019 and into the future our engine is the: Briggs and Stratton 206.

We have thrown our support behind our state body, Karting New South Wales and will, from 2019, run under their state-based rule book which should make our meetings even more user friendly.

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28 Lacelles St
Cecil HIlls NSW 2171

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Four Stroke Karting Association (4SKANSW)

28 Lacelles St
Cecil HIlls NSW 2171