Are Electric Karts Viable for Australia

Submitted by Allan Howard on Sat, 16/10/2021 - 07:26

I've been intermittently following the path of electric karts overseas and am wondering if Australia might also follow a similar path.

There seems to be an increasing number of electric rental karts available that are popular with indoor circuits, so how long before electric karts will appeal to racers?

I've found the following information online from the brands listed below:


Claims made by the above organisations are that the longer term costs of karting come down with the need for less engine maintenance and rebuilds, however the initial costs are indeed higher.

Additionally for tracks who have difficulty with noise and their neighbours, this may also be a path to keep current facilities and perhaps increase usage.

Interestingly as the stats behind the karts, and the increased torque/drivability of electric karts with total power ranging from about 7kW to 25kW.  So power is around the range of current karts but with increased torque low down, and slightly heavier weight.  The changes in torque may suit Australia's tighter tracks so perhaps slighly lower top power is needed than equivalent ICE karts.

Where do you think this is headed for Australia and in what timeframe?

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