Share Ideas for Keeping Costs under control

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 06/10/2019 - 08:24

We probably all have ideas for keeping karting costs under control so that we can all just enjoy the sport. 

Not everyone has a bottomless pit of money, and some of us just want to go out and have a bit of fun, be as competitive as we can with what we've got and be satisfied at maximising the value we get from the sport.

What ideas do you have to share with others on keeping costs restrained?

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Allan Howard

Sun, 06/10/2019 - 08:43

Here are some of the things I would suggest if you are just getting started in karting:

  • Buy your kart 2nd hand - check out your local kart shop for 2nd hand gear

    • they will be able to tell you what classes are popular and also provide useful guidance when needed
    • get just the 
  • You don't need fancy equipment to go karting: 
    • try and get access to a trayback ute or a simple 5'x7' box trailer and a tarp cover (avoid the whole expensive specialist kart trailer).
    • a simple tool kit is all you need and you should be able to fit most things you need into two small toolboxes (including a few essential spares - sprocket & chain)
    • learn the basic maintenance of your kart
    • don't be in a rush to go racing if you're just starting out - learning the ropes without the pressure will mean less mistakes and repairs
  • Choose a club that satisfies your karting needs - do you need the extra costs associated with national meetings (that can come later if you desire).  Some independent clubs provide excellent value for money.
    • Start with just a simple social licence and upgrade later
    • Go and have a look on a practice day before you hit the track - ask questions as almost everyone loves to help someone new who wants to enjoy the sport they are already passionate about.