Submitted by richard gagie on Thu, 21/02/2019 - 10:40

11, yes 11, years ago the old Gold Coast circuit closed due to it being resumed. An amount of approx. $3 million was paid by the State govt. to build a school. Now 11 years later we still have not got a track & where is the money?

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daniel smith

Fri, 22/02/2019 - 20:29

Us Gold Coast people need our own track badly. Somehow though I can't see it happening anytime soon

This has been going on for 11 YEARS. How about someone, anyone, come on here & tell us all what is happening. How many have Club membership at this time? Daniel Smith said:
Us Gold Coast people need our own track badly. Somehow though I can't see it happening anytime soon

rudy farkas

Sat, 23/02/2019 - 11:56

I hear they have got land and are  in the proces ,but it wont be  a KA track ,but this only hear say so dont hold me to it Daniel Smith said:
Us Gold Coast people need our own track badly. Somehow though I can't see it happening anytime soon

Allan Howard

Sat, 23/02/2019 - 12:24

Quick search of Gold Coast City Council records shows: 1416-1462 Stapylton Jacobs Well Road, WOONGOOLBA

Applications on older system Prior to July-2018:
13/09/17: MCU201701339 - Combined Outdoor Sport/Caretakers (No Decision)
13/09/17: OPW201702339 (No Decision -  4 separate info extension requests (from 10/2017 - 6 pages of requests), last extension request filed on website expired 6/12/18, - was information lodged, or another extension sought?)
12/12/16: MCU201601700 - Motor Sport Facility + Caretakers (Withdrawn)
12/12/16 OPW201602996 (WIthdrawn)
16/02/1999: MCU9900073 - Impact Assessible Public Recreation shooting centre (Approved 4/6/99)

Ralph van Doorn

Sat, 23/02/2019 - 13:39

I attended the last Club meeting AGM to re-appoint the Company Directors  and a brief verbal report on progress was presented by one of the directors and the on going process..
Land has been secured - the area designated for the circuit and other structures were reduced by the Council with other various restrictions - a frog  or a plant  or something ...This DA was submitted in May last year and other Government details have held up progress and areas now not allowed to be used for the construction on the purchased property.
As far as I can ascertain its a slow process, with local Gold Coast Council, and we were informed that something should be approved soon - what and how it will affect construction not known at this time ..!!! The meeting was in November so I would expect another members meeting to be called soon to advise further ??
I agree 11 years is a long time to wait - but it seems that as soon as something gets started, for some reason or other there is a stoppage , another cost incurred for something and a other left turn imposed by someone and a  hurdle to jump across It would be great if the members were formally advised via email  with progress reports but that too may jeopardise progress who knows !!!

Thanks Ralph for letting interested parties know what is going on. I knew the club had purchased land in that location however the original DA was lodged a few years ago but this doesn't make sense as to why it is taking so long.Why will the club not comment on the matter? It is hardly secretive! Dealing with the Gold Coast Council can often be difficult, they seem to have a motto "hinder not help" This track has been closed for 11 YEARS! Surely you would expect something in that time but we can only surmise.