Superkarting in Sweden

Submitted by Dougie on Sat, 19/01/2013 - 20:49
Hi guys,

Not so long ago i left Australia to work over here in sweden and as the kart didn't fit in my case i had planned to hire a twin and race in the scandenavian cup.

Unfortunatly as of the 1st of january 2013 no motorsport in sweden can be louder than 95dB and all the swedish karts are currently at 105 dB. So as is the swedish way, instead of just quieting them down they decided to cancel all races for 2013 while they figure out how to make them quieter without losing power. This is the typical swedish way of going about things, instead of doing somthing about it, lets take our time and doing nothing.

I was understandably a bit annoyed with this but they have offered me an alternative and i thought you guys might be interested in having a look at this. They have a new sprint class their introducing over here this year called the GT kart. It's a 650cc, non-gearbox single, cylinder two stroke, on a 125 CIK frame. It makes 65hp at 6,700RPM and 53 Ft/lb of torque (72.8 nM) at 5870 RPM. The whole engine only weighs 26kg and has two counter-balance shafts to cut out those vibrations.

I shouldhave adrive in a few months when all the snow has disappeared off the track so i'll keep you up to date. But here are a few links about the class and the engine.


P.S- I'm still looking for a race in the UK or Europe somewhere to get my fix of superkarting, so if anyone has any contact please send them my way.



For European contact try Ian @ Viper Uk and also John Riley @ Redspeed.

As I said before mate forget SuperKarting, get stuck into the swede chicks !!!

Have fun ;)

[quote author=ABR link=topic=1973.msg20982#msg20982 date=1358595828]
As I said before mate forget SuperKarting, get stuck into the swede chicks !!!
Have fun ;)

Yerr Dougie, listen to Ant.


Mike Wayne

Sun, 20/01/2013 - 13:53

Sam, what do you go for Rob Stewart look alikes now?? out Dalton. Don't listen to Sam. Listen to me (and Ant)



Sun, 20/01/2013 - 17:57

Holly shit, Dougie if you even have one minute to think about karts, darts, farts or anything else for that matter you should be considering building a float when you get home. Seriously, take a Volvo for a test drive :o