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Submitted by wally179 on Wed, 15/01/2020 - 09:39

Hi - I want to start in Go Karting this year, at the club at Todd Road. I think I will go TAG 125 restricted, and buy a new Arrow Kart. I hear these are most common, but I am struggling to get information on almost everything to do with karting. I have made a budget for both purchase of gear, plus ongoing maintenance/running costs. Quite a few things I am googling, or have completely made up. From a cost perspective, and any other advice, how is this looking? I want to compete at a club level for now. Initially I will be doing a lot of practice, so assume these numbers are for practicing for now. 


New Go Kart (Arrow) - complete - x30 $              9,000.00

Stand $                  300.00

Suit $                  180.00

Trailer $              2,000.00

Helmet $                  380.00

Gloves $                  180.00

Total $            12,040.00


Running Cost / Maintenance

Tyres - $250 a set, 6 hours per set, $41 per hour (practice)

Fuel - 8L per hour, $12 per hour

Top end rebuild - Cost $150 (parts, do myself), every 20 hours, $7.50 per hour

Bottom end rebuild - Cost $300 (parts, do myself, totally guessing here) - every 50 hours, $6 per hour

Brake pads - cost $66, 10 hours use, $6.60 per hour (totally guessed)

Total - around $75 per hour to run the kart


How does this look? am i missing anything massive? are my assumptions flawed? any feedback would be great. I'm not doing this budget as if it's exceeded I can't do the sport, more after a pretty solid estimate before I commit to it. I've been hoping to speak to Todd Road club staff but haven't been able to.



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Wed, 15/01/2020 - 11:03

My recommendation would be to buy second hand rather than new to start with and buy new down the an example you would be able to pick up a second hand kart and engine ready to race as little as probably 3-4k.  Dont over spend when you are starting, you dont know what the future holds.


You should be able to pick up a stand secondhand around $100, $180 on gloves is pretty steep.  Dont forget to add $120 for race boots.


Running cost/maintenance estimates as a guide are probably not far off, but it depends.  For example what type of tyres you buy for practice, the softer the quicker they will wear out and how you drive will also affect this.

Todd road is a large club so I would recommend buying something from there or from a kart shops that is close by etc, ie you will then have someone who can support you to some extent. 

There is nothing better than having new equipment but as a new comer to the sport it would be wasted.  Once your in the sport for a while you can then make better decisions to suit your direction, ie brand of kart and/or class even.  Another option could be to buy into the entry level 4SS (4 stroke class), running cost and entry cost are small compare to other classes.  Sure the speed is down but you will get a kick out of it and learn the craft as setup and driving style is more critic in this class due to parity and lack of power.  Treat it s a stepping stone to get into karting.  Learn to drive, learn who to setup a kart and what changes do what to improve times on the track.  You can then travel to other tracks to learn setups required there etc.