Shannons National Series Morgan Park Aug 8th/9th

Submitted by Cameron on Thu, 05/02/2009 - 10:19
The QLD Superkartclub has been invited to the Shannons national round to be held at Morgan Park on the 8th and 9 th of August. This will be the first Superkart event on the new extended Track. Now this date is 3 weeks after the Nationals on July 18/19th and 3 weeks before our club round at the end of August. After this we have no racing till very late in the year in QLD. We at the club are fairly sure to commit to this event as we feel is a very postive step for Superkarts. If anybody from outside QLD feel that they may also make this event can they contact our club or leave a message here as we are going through the numbers prelim stage at the moment. I know it is a conjested time of year and feel it is more important to do the national series event if you are deciding between the two of course but we are going to give it a good shot and aim for 20-25 enteries.
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Hi all, Cameron is correct in that it will be the first meeting on the longer circuit. Time to set some new lap records. Wouldnt it be good to do it on TV? We havent got the TV coverage over the line yet but we are working on it. We are about 60% there with it.
Entry fee will be about $330.00 and the entries will be handled by the Queensland club.
If you want to come please reply to this post on here


Ashley Zahl

Hi all, the TV coverage took a step closer today as we have had a proposal to take it up in full for this round. Its not 100% over the line as yet but it does look good.
Also this meeting will be the trial meeting to see if National Championship Events ca be run at Morgan Pk. In 2010 we are hopefull that the webmaster Nationals might go to 3 rounds for gearbox webmasters and include Morgan Pk as 1 of the 3.

Hi all, the Qld webmaster Club will be having a face to face meeting with the Shannon's people at the Gold Coast Wednesday 18th March to work out the detail. There is a big chance the 2009 Pacific webmaster Challenge will also be moved to this event date as well so it will be a massive show. Hope you can all join us.

Hi all, just a small update on the Shannon's NRS round at Morgan Pk. Catagories racing there will be Porsche GT3, Saloon Cars, Production Cars from the National series with local support catagories Sports Sedans, Geminis, MX5's and webmasters.
This meeting is programmed to be the first meeting on the new track extention. Thats right, time to set new lap records. T.V also looks to be secured for the event so its all happening.
The new track density will be 40 I am told. There will be a big chance that the event will go above this when the entries are released. That won't be for a while yet but keep watching this space for further updates.

Hi all, some more information will be on hand very soon for this major webmaster event. The entry process will be similar to the SKA webmaster Nationals entry forms as you must fill in a form that goes direct to the Shannon's Nationals people to say you have entered the event and a entry form that will go to the Queensland club.
With the track upgrade to 3.1km the track density will be about 44 I am told so entries will be limited. Watch this forum for more updates as they come to hand.

We are about to recieve the final paper work from the Shannon's National Race Series people very soon. Hopefully we can soon confirm the naming rights sponsor for the event along with confirmation of the Television.
Entry forms will be released in the next few weeks.Dont forget that the entries are limitied to the track density. Motels are also starting to fill up so you might want to make a booking if you intend coming to this event.

Some new details arrived today. Track time will be 2 x 15 minute qualifying and 1 x 6 lap race on Saturday and 2 x 6 lap and 1 x 8 lap races on the Sunday.
Television and naming rights sponsor for this event will be released shortly.
Book your accomodation early.

The Queensland webmaster Club Inc is proud to announce that we have secured a major sponsor for this prestigious event. The 2009 Rockpress Pacific webmaster Challenge will be the event to be at. Thanks to Rockpress ( ), the television will ensure this events sucuss. Entry forms will be released very soon on here and on our website, .

Sorry about the "Spulling" Rolf but lack of sleep will do that sometimes.
Entry forms for the 2009 Rockpress Pacific webmaster Challenge have now been released. Please use this link to the Queensland webmaster website to get the forms so you can enter this event.

2009 Rockpress Pacific webmaster Challenge update 1.
Please note the following.
1. Entries close Tuesday July 14.
2. Supp Regs
The Supplementary Regulations have been prepared and are waiting CAMS approval. They should be distributed early next week.

3. Friday Practice

The Friday practice sessions will be run by the Warwick & Districts Sporting Car Club, but the procedures will be the same as all Shannon's Nationals rounds. That is, Friday Practice is optional for drivers, and they will need to sign on/pay directly to the WDSCC before going on track. The cost will be $80.00 (inclusive of GST) per car.

4. Schedule
The schedule is in final draft form and will be circulated shortly…most likely early next week.

5. Fuel
Fuel will not be available at the track, so competitors will need to bring their own fuel. As a requirement of the QFRS all cars will only be able to store 60ltr per bay, however a temporary bunded area will be provided for additional fuel storage.

6. Thursday Night Promotion

As part of the lead-up marketing activity we have arranged for a static display in front of the Warwick Town Hall (in a busy shopping area) from 5pm until 7pm Thursday night. We will require each category to provide one car for the display. This is very close to the Centrepoint Midcity Motel which is our prefered Motel for webmasterers.

7. Public Ticket Prices

Saturday: $15.00

Sunday: $30.00

Weekend: $35.00

Children U14 Free

Additional Team Weekend Passes: $20.00 (pre-purchased).

8. Pit Bay Carports & Marquees

There are 80 powered carports and for various reasons decisions have already been made on which categories will occupy the carports, and what arrangements need to be made for the other categories.

Arrangements are being made for powered marquees which will be located in the paddock area. Cost is not confirmed at this point but should know soon.

Please use this link to view and download the Supplementary Regulations and Event Schedule for the 2009 Rockpress Pacific webmaster Challenge at Morgan Pk.
The grid is filling fast so dont waste anymore time getting your entry in for this event.

This is the last day to get your entry in for this great event. Please ring me on 0417769336 when you do so I know its coming.
It maybe possible to enter after this date but the entry fee will be $360.00 ($330.00 entry and $30.00 in phone calls etc) but it will be up to the Shannons Nationals people if they will accept it as its out of our hands after the last mail tomorrow.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the TV footage from this meeting. These Shannon's events are very hard work and it just about burnt me out doing it. Many competitors gained good sponsorship before the event because of the TV being at the meeting. 5 new and 4 second hand webmasters are about to change hands because of this event with many new members signed up because of this event.
I hope the TV footage also helped out all clubs as it was not only a promotion for our club but for all webmaster clubs.