Round 3 Qld State Championship Series

Submitted by Ash on Tue, 11/05/2010 - 10:05
Attached are the entry forms etc for Round 3 of the Queensland State Championship Series for 2010. Please note this is the last event before the Shannon's Series round here but is still on the 2.1Km track and the final of the Gearbox Nationals will be on the newly lengthened 3km track.

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Congrats to Brian Wild on his first round win in the Queensland series. Long time, first time as they say on radio. There were a number of impressive debuts. In 125s Lachlan Grantley impressed in his new Avoig Elise at his first meeting. Similarly Jaymie Aston was impressive in Rotax Max, her lap times dropping by seconds in each session. Sean Maberly finally made the transition over from the T&D series and for a last race DNF, would have finished second in class behind Bob Aston. Especially since Sean's Intrepid lacks the aero nosecone Bob sports on his CRG.

The final round of the series will be interesting as Jason Smith has slipped from series lead and now Drene Jamieson leads points from Brian Wild with a gap to Jason, then a bigger gap to Tim Philp and Liam McAdam.

Round Club Points
1st Brian Wild
2nd Warren McIlveen
3rd Barry Kunowski
4th Tim Philp
5th Steve Murray

250 International
1st Warren McIlveen
2nd Steve Murray
3rd Russell Jamieson

250 National
1st Barry Kunowski
2nd Bob Fullerton

125 Gearbox
1st Brian Wild
2nd Tim Philp
3rd Phil Silcock

Rotax Max
1st Robert Aston
2nd Jaymie Aston
3rd Sean Maberly

Junior Max
1st Liam McAdam