R.I.P. Martin Hines

Submitted by Rolf Greve on Sun, 28/08/2011 - 19:23
British Superkart Championship
It is with great sadness we have to report that Martin Hines has passed away. Mr Karting as he was known as was an inspiration to many young karters and was instrumental in long circuit karting. He was Mr Superkart.
I am sure you will all join us in passing our condolences to the Hines Family and close family friends.
RIP Martin.


Sad day for the world of Superkarting. He even came out of retirement to win the European Superkart Championship about 7 years ago.

Recently Martin even gave signed copies of his book to the 2009 Australian Superkart Champions.
We have lost the legend of Superkarts.


Click on this link and it has another good article about Martin Hines http://www.gpweek.com/ . Its in the middle of but there is plenty of good reading in it. The article about Martin was written by Chris Lambden who happens to own Motorsport News. Chris I think you will find was the 1978 European Superkart Champion whilst working for Martin, also editing a Zip Kart magazine Kart and Superkart.
The sport of Superkarting owes a lot to Martin Hines, a true legend of the sport.