R3 RaceTech Motorsport Challenge Series,Sugarless Confectionary Superkart Cup

Submitted by Ash on Thu, 14/06/2012 - 22:30
Round 3 of 5 is this weekend at Lakeside Raceway. This was a sold out show from the beginning. There have been some people withdraw their entry late but we had a long list of reserves to take the available spots when they came up. Entries as follows for the RaceTech Motorsport Superkart Challenge Series;
250 International
Jason Smith Anderson
Michael Nicolas Stockman
Vince Livadities PVP
Troy O'Brien PVP
Warren McIlveen Stockman
Steve Cloake Stockman

250 National
Phil Webb Anderson
Paul Gregory FPF
Barry Kunowski F1

Grant Yarrow Cougar
Errol Wright Hasse
Stuart Bell Gladiator

Entries as follows for the Sugarless Confectionary Rotax Max Superkart Cup;

125 NGB
John Hay Sodi
Dan Lewis Arrow
Warick Donsky Arrow
Phillip Johnson CRG
Nick Contarino Energy
Scott Goody Arrow
Grant McKay Intrepid
Sean Maberly Intrepid
Dan Callingham Wildkart
Steven Scott Azzuro
Jason Shaw CRG
Joe Caruana CRG

Will be a great meeting as always. The RaceTech Motorsport Promo and Grid Girls will also be there. Make sure you get some photos with Jen and Chanel while you are at the meeting. If you cant make it, make sure you log on and have a look at the photos posted after the event.
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