Morgan Park Track extension plus entries close 28th Oct

Submitted by Cameron on Fri, 24/10/2008 - 09:33
Entries for the last race event for 2008 close on the 28th of October. Hence like me probably an express post job on Monday. Also for anyone not in the know Morgan Park will be extended to just beyond 3km in length. Ashley,myself and Carlo saw the final plans last meet. With some input from many people including our club president there will be a high speed right hand corner leading onto the current straight. This corner will camber in and hopefully be one of, if not the best in the country. The back straight leading onto this corner should see speeds from Karts up to the 230 km/hr mark. So in the near future QLD may have to push for a national round.
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Just to add to Cameron, the 2009 Pacific webmaster Challenge will be held on the extened race track when it comes online in the middle of the year. Date yet to be confirmed as we are waiting for the 2009 webmaster Nationals dates to be released.
I expect the 2009 PSC to be a big event as there needs to be all new lap and outright records to be set which Warren McIlveen holds both of them at the moment.

Hi all, looks like the track extention will be ready for for racing in July at this stage. August is too soon after the Nationals I think so it looks like the 2009 PSC will be in November but to be confirmed. Bigger prizemoney and more happening than last year. Carlo should have his new webmaster back in the country by then after competing in Europe.Hope to see you all there.

Well the above didnt happen but things do change. The new track extentions and bump removal starts in two weeks. At the last race meeting just gone, we had F3 and Single seat Sports Cars trying to get the outright lap record from Warren McIlveen but they only got within a second.
Anyhow the new track layout will be sensational. I will post a new track diagram when I get an official one.

The attachment shows the track extention well on the go . Round 2 of the Gearbox Nationals will be very exciting. Its not confirmed yet but we should be able to have a run on it either May 29-30 or July 3-4 before Round 2 of the Australian webmaster National Championships.

I look forward to both those dates if it's ready. Thanks for that.

Can't wait till the bumps are smoothed out though.

Looks like there has already been some racing in the new track extention.