Morgan Park Practise Day 31st Aug

Submitted by Cameron on Fri, 22/08/2008 - 10:14
Just in case some Qld members havent heard thier is a practise day at Morgan Park on the 31st of August.
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Hi all, we have a practice day as Cameron has mentioned on August 31 at Morgan Pk Warwick. Gates open at 7.00am,should have all paperwork done by 7.30 and on track by 7.31am. We have the track till 12.00pm. Cost is $120.00 per driver but when costs are met, the surplus will be divided up evenly between each driver on the day.
You don't need a CAMS, AASA or AKA licence just a road car one will do to get you on track.This is a perfect time for intersted people and sponsors to sample our great sport. But because of the licience restriction we can't have any juniors run on the day.
It doesn't matter what sort of sprintkart you have,come and have a go. I am sure 4.5 hours is enough running for most people for 1 day.
See you there.

Hi all, also there will be a Rotax Max for hire there as well for people interested in going webmastering. John Hay is going to Hire his Sodi / Rotax out for a cost of $50.00/ 10 lap session. This cost will be on top of the practice fee. If you have any type of Sprintkart, why not come and have a few hours of fun at Queendland's premier race track.

Thanks to the QLD webmaster club for organising the track day i had a ball. First run in my 250 and well there are no wrinkles on my face still........fastest thing ive ever driven. I said a year to get up to speed and well maybe that and some.

Hi all, just so you know. Cameron bought a PVP chassis that just happened to be laying aroung Brisbane and its got Carlo's 2000 TZ on it. We know how well it went. Looks cool as well.............. Ash