Morgan park practice day, wednesday 2nd March

Submitted by Dougie on Wed, 23/02/2011 - 20:05
Hey Guys,

I'm heading out to the track next wednesday for practice, just wondering if anyone else would be joining us??

The website doesn't say that their open yet, but i was out their last wednesday and they said they would be.

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Gary Slabbert

Sat, 21/05/2011 - 18:58

Hi Dougie, we are moving to webmasters early next year and wonder if you can give me some detail on Morgan Park. At a typical Wednesday Practice day how many sessions can a webmaster do/alowed and do they run webmasters on their own or do they share the track with other vehicles. How much to practise for the day. Any other things I should know that will help us.
Many thanks,

Hi Gary,

Good to hear your making the move to webmasters. Practice days at Morgan Park are on every wednesday and the guy out there who runs the day (Geoff) use to be a webmasterer so he's very helpful to us. Once you turn up geoff will give you a 20min session once every hour from 8am-3pm (7-8 sessions per day), webmasters only, so you never have to run with other cars. At the moment only the 2.1km circuit is open for practice but it's a great track to run. Most of the time on a wednesday there is only one or two webmasters out there so you have the track to yourself. You just need to have your cams license when you sign on and you can choose to pay for a half day ($55 i think) or a full day ($100 i think). Dad and i will be out there testing some new engine parts in the coming months so i hope to see you. what class are you going into?



Gary Slabbert

Mon, 23/05/2011 - 18:47

Thank you for the very informative reply.
It is my son who is racing, so its juniors for us.
Is there medical response at the track on Wednesdays?
Do you know if pit to car communication is allowed?
How do you get the kart back to the pits if its stops on track for some reason?
What class are you guys in?
Do you travel interstate to race?
Many thanks, Gary.

Not a problem, i'm more than happy to help anyone.

There is no medical response at the track on a wednesday practice, the track have their medical kit with them and that goes out in the car to any incidents or stopages on the track.

Pit to car communication is allowed on the day as far as i know, i've seen people out there befor talking to drivers on head sets so i assume so.

If the kart stops on the track for some reason they have a recovery vehicle that will go out and get it, however you will be required to go with them to help recover the kart.

I run 125GB and at the moment i'm not running interstate because were still setting up new engine and chassis set ups but next year i plan to be racing interstate as many of our club members do.