Iame x30 (how to make an x30 quicker)

Submitted by Smithy on Tue, 04/06/2019 - 21:26

Hi guys,

I hear there is up to 3 tenths difference between a good Iame x30 and a bad one. 

Is this true in your opinions, if so is there anything that can be changed in the engine to make a bad x30 better.

What sort of things can be altered on an x30 to make a engine faster?

Are after market parts allowed to be used in an x30 ie: Main bearings , seals ,pistons etc.

Does bore size make any difference.

Has anybody had evidence  of noticeable difference on a Dyno or on a track to show this.

looking forward to hear some comments on this topic.


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These engines are close in output,  just like the Rotax Max.  I have seen a variation of maybe 1/3rd of a HP , that's not much when you have 30 all up.

Biggest variation is in the carbs,  they are a manufactured part and they vary not so much in what they do but how they feel.  Many drivers that have multiple carbs/engines will have a favourite carb out of all theirs.  

Every engine part can be massaged, or selected,  for favourites but there are no aftermarket bits available and our rules say you must use original bits.  And the bigger bore is only 1/4 of a millimetre over standard so not really worth anything in a power gain.  So nothing to be had by any means other than care and attention when assembling the engine.  

Thanks Ian for the reply

So I gather from what you are saying is nothing to be had in the engine but carby could be altered to gain more power or do you mean that some carbys might be better than others but still not allowed to be altered.

Do even the main bearings have to be standard bearings.

Is it the same for the KA 100 is it only allowed to have the standard parts used also. 

Is the Ka 100 the same for parity. 

Once again thanks  for the reply Ian