Eastern Creek Practice Day - Friday 6th June 2008

Submitted by RS250 on Tue, 29/04/2008 - 18:24
I have spoken to the ARDC and got them to put Superkarts on their calender for a [b]Eastern Creek Practice Day on FRIDAY 6th JUNE 2008.[/b]
I need a minimum 4 people who would like to join me on this particular day at Eastern Creek.
Cost is $85.00 for ARDC members, $120.00 for non-ARDC members. That is cheap running for a whole day's practice!!!!

I cannot stress the leverage Superkarts gain for future events at Eastern Creek club racing if we continually expose ourselves and support with numbers to the ARDC.......so come out and get some practice before the Eastern Creek Nationals on 12-13 July.

If you want to practice at Eastern Creek on June 6, please call me on 0418 642 904 to confirm as I'm still require to respond with confirmed numbers to the ARDC.

Your support would be greatly appreciated as the last arranged date of May 2 had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers. It's not a good image to ARDC when I can't find 4 other people to come out and test. Those who attended the last private practice at Eastern Creek can attest is was a great day!

Hope to see you there for a great day's practice.

PS.....If you come out on this day you will get to see my new kart unveiled ;)



OK.......JUNE 6........call me.......

Wanna practice at Eastern Creek on Friday June 6, call me on 0418 642 904 to confirm as I'm still required to respond with the confirmed numbers to the ARDC.

If your serious about the National Titles or just getting your kart setup right, this is the [u]right time[/u], [u]the right place [/u] and [u]the right atmosphere[/u] to do it in.

Testing and setting up properly at race meetings is expensive, rushed, less track time with the wrong train of thought and most likely [u]learn nothing[/u] in the heat of the battle. ??? ??? ??? ???