2013 Qld AASA Exclusive Auto Centre and M.W.Motorsport series news

Submitted by Ash on Tue, 15/01/2013 - 22:17
It gives me great pleasure to release the sponsors of the Queensland Superkart Club Inc AASA series at Lakeside. The events will be know as the 2013 Exclusive Auto Centre Superkart Challenge Series for Gearbox Superkarts, 2013 Exclusive Auto Centre Rotax Max Superkart Cup for non gearbox Superkarts and the M.W. Motorsport Stock Honda Cup for the Stock Honda Superkarts.
Pre entry is going very well. Grids limited to 24. 2 slots at each event. 250 International, 250 National and 125 Gearbox in 1 group. Rotax Max Superkarts head up the other field with Stock Honda's and 85cc Gearbox behind with a 20 second delayed start.
Dates are as follows:
Saturday 23 Feb
Sunday April 7
Sunday May 5
Saturday and Sunday June 8 & 9
Sunday September 8
Saturday December 7

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