125GB Race suit

Submitted by BCR on Mon, 27/04/2009 - 08:14
To race in 125GB you can race in either leathers or a cordura race suit? Does the cordura race suit have to have the CIK/ FIA approval badge on it or will any suit do as long as it is made of cordura?
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Mon, 27/04/2009 - 11:13

Afaik the Cordura race suit has to be a CAMS approved one...in other words with the FIA / CIK approval badge. I cant see them accepting 'any' suit. You can check all the details on www.camsmanual.com.au

(a) Circuit Races:
(i) Drivers: In each circuit race and practice therefore, each driver shall be required to wear overalls homologated to the FIA 1986 standard, or FIA 8856-2000 standard, as well as socks, shoes and gloves which respect the design parameters set out in those standards.
The wearing of apparel, including underwear and a balaclava complying with the 8856-2000 Standard is mandatory in any event entered onto the International Calendar and is strongly recommended for each other event.

(b) webmaster Races and Practice:
In each webmaster race and practice, each driver must wear:
• a one- or two-piece abrasive-resistant race suit which is securely fastened at the wrists and ankles, and at the waist on two-piece suits.
In each 250cc class, the suit must be of leather.
For each other class, the material may be leather, Cordura®, Cordulon® or equivalent;
• footwear, securely fastened which covers and protects the ankles;
• abrasive-resistant gloves that cover and protect the hands and wrists (including the fingers).
Note: A webmaster driver may wear appropriate wet weather clothing in addition to that specified. It is recommended that acoustic ear plugs be worn.

This is from the cams manual. Under the webmaster section it doesn't say it has to be FIA approved so I assume as long as the suit is made of Cordura it is ok?

Next time you are in a kart or race shop try and find a suit with the cordura label on it. They are a rarety but are available. Cordura etc is made only bu Dupont.