TLVKC 2022 Test'n'Tune

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We have been working on updating our membership/licencing forms for this year. We are happy to announce that New Memberships/Licences, Membership renewals and licence renewals are now open. All memberships and licencing queries are now to be sent to:

We have sent new form out via email and it is currently being added to our webpage. If you are coming to the test and tune weekend which is Saturday 22nd and Sunday the 23rd January we will also be processing these onsite for those who wish to do so. Otherwise please fill in form and also if paying by direct deposit can you please also send through your confirmation of payment at the same time as your form. Please note there are changes to this form as well.

Also for the 2022 year, we will also be implementing some changes to our licensing system to better align with our racing classes and the skills and experience levels of drivers.


We continue to recognise all licenses from Karting Australia, RACER, AASA, CAMS and AUSSPORT for karting activities. The club will also continue to offer Toowoomba Kart Club Licenses which can be used for racing and kart activities at Toowoomba Kart Club only. Our club licensing system will be modified for 2022 to now include the following license types:

  • Club Day License – This license provides the driver with 6 weeks of coverage and can include racing at 1 race meeting. Cost of license is $35.00 and the license will be issued as a ‘Level 1’ license.
  • Annual License – This license is issued to a driver for a 12 month period and covers both practice and racing at Toowoomba Kart Club. Cost of this license remains at $125.00 however these licenses will now be graded as follows
  1. Level 1 – Issued to any drivers with no previous motorsport experience, no previously held recognised karting license and new to the sport. Once a driver has competed in 4 races as a Level 1 license holder they will automatically be moved to a Level 2 license.
  2. Level 2 – Issued to any drivers who can display previous motorsport experience or previously held recognised karting license (within the past 5 years). Once a driver has competed in 4 races as a Level 2 license holder, they can then request to be moved to Level 3.
  3. Level 3 – Issued to any drivers wishing to compete in classes requiring a higher level license (for example, TAG Open, Open Performance and DD2 classes).

The only classes requiring a Level 3 license would be those where a similar level license is required elsewhere (for example, a B Grade Karting Australia license). All other classes will recognise the Level 1 and Level 2 licenses for racing and practice.

For anyone who has raced in 2021 on a Toowoomba Club License and wishes to renew for 2022, please use the above levels for your application. Any questions as always, please just let us know!


Greer Park Raceway
Snelling Road
Helidon QLD 4344

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TLVKC 2022 Test'n'Tune

Greer Park Raceway Snelling Road
Helidon QLD 4344