2014 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series Pre - Entry and info

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The pre - entry and information is attached for the 2014 Motorsport Zone (http://www.motorsportzone.com.au/ ) Superkart Series to be held at Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceway on the following dates:
R1 Sunday March 30th Lakeside Park
R2 Sunday May 18th Lakeside Park
R3 Sunday June 29th Lakeside Park
R4 Sunday August 24th Queensland Raceway
R5 Sunday September 14th Lakeside Park
R6 Sunday November 2nd Queensland Raceway
If you wish to compete in this prestigious Superkart Series, please register your interest by filling in the Pre - entry and Membership form and send them to the Race Secretary as per the Information attached. Entries are done online on the Queensland Raceways website, https://www.qldraceways.com.au/secure/members/login.php , and follow the instuctions on the information provided. If you have any troubles with this process, ring Qld Raceways on 07 54619100 and they will go through it with you whilst you are on the phone.

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Gearbox Superkarts, please register in the Superkarts GB grid, Rotax Max, Rotax DD2 and 85cc Superkarts, please register in the Superkarts NGB grid.
Entries are open for all race dates. They close 10 days before the event is held. Round 1 will be very full so get in early if you want to be there for that one. If you havent paid the Treasurer/ Race Secretary and you have entered via the Qld Raceway website, your entry will be deleted in that field.

2014 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series Round 1 entries close Friday. grid filling fast.
You must enter online via the Queensland Raceways website. You can buy your new licence while you are there.
Membership form and payment, Pre- entry form and event payment to the Race Secretary. All the details are on the 2014 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series Pre - Entry and info forms attached.
If you have done both of them, you are ready to go.

Ladies and gents,

The entry is a 2 part process.

1/ Login into the entry part of the Queensland Raceways web site. Hit the entry button at the top of the screen and follow it through. If you need to buy a AASA licence use the register button. If you have a current AASA Licence use it to log in with the password you create. Complete your personal, medical and entry sections.

2/ Pay the Qld Superkart Club for the entry. Post or email the pre - entry and membership forms to the Race Secretary.

You better be quick as entries close Friday.


Roger Amiss
QSI Inc Race Secretary

Round 1 of the Motorsport Zone Superkart Series has been run and won. A great days racing except for a bit of rain. Good to see so many new competitors. Entries are open 24/7 via the Qld Raceways website. Can enter all events for the whole year on there.
Erin and Scarlett were the Grid Girls for the day.Photos below

Entries close for Round 2 of the Motorsport Zone Superkart Series to be held at Lakeside Sunday May 18th this Friday. You can enter via the Queensland Raceways website 24/7 and the event payment go to the Queensland Superkart Club Inc. Everything you need to know is at the begining of this thread.
Practice is available all day Saturday May 17th. Cost $120.00 half day or $160.00 full day 9am - 4pm with a short break in the middle. Need 10 to have our own slot.
Going to the practice so far are:
1. M.Euler
2. J. Shaw
3. D. Penrose
4. A. Hogan (morning only)
5. J.Laker
6. D. Lewis
7. R. Jamieson
8. S. Jamieson
9.M. Nicholas

The Queensland Club Website is down curently due to an issue with the morons that have the hosting. Thats another story. Should be up and running shortly.

Practice update:
1. M.Euler
2. J. Shaw
3. D. Penrose
4. A. Hogan (morning only)
5. J.Laker
6. D. Lewis
7. R. Jamieson
8. S. Jamieson
9.M. Nicholas
10. A. Furguson
11. G. Crisp
12. L. Crisp
13. C. Brook

Entries are filling fast and close Friday at close of business. Only 20 grid spots available in each of the 2 slots we have. Courtney and Justine look like joining us for the day.

Round 2 of the Motorsport Zone Superkart Series has been run and won. Some good performances on the day.
John Caruana (RH) broke the 2 year old Rotax Max lap record previously held by Dan Lewis. Old record 1.02:8447 and Johns new record 1.02:0284. The rest of the field were playing catch up the rest of the day. I have never seen so many sprockets changed in 1 day. Good effort John.
The ex Jason Smith Anderson FPE now owned by Dean Penrose won all 3 races but the Anderson Gas Gas pair, Weier and Lewis, were challenging for the lead every race. Its worthy to note that Tim Weier took 2 seconds a lap off his best ever time on Sunday. Good effort. Scott Jamieson, yes there are more, had his debut meeting in the Linra Properties Gladiator Yamaha 80 and didnt take long before he was getting competitive with the field. Something in the Jamieson DNA.
Chris Hays from KZ2 fame had his debut in a 125cc GB Superkart. Didn't take long before he was posting great lap times an the Monteray Refrigeration Anderson Mirage RS 125. He showed very quickly he can drive a Superkart very well and will be worth checking out his progress. Suddenly the 125cc GB field just got a lot more competitive.
All in all, a fantastic day at Lakeside. Some of the best Superkart racing for a while in every class I have seen. 5 new competitors at this event. All went very well. The Motorsport Zone Superkart Series is the place where Champions, past present and future, hone their skills. Photos coming soon.

The following days are available in June for Superkarts to practice. Need 10 as usual before we can confirm.
Saturday June 21 9.30am to 12.00 Lakeside $120.00 for the morning session
Friday June 27 9.30am to 4.30pm Lakeside $80.00 half day $120.00 full day. We have a race meeting on this weekend.

Entries for Round 3 of the 2014 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series are open 24/7 online the Queensland Raceways website. They close in just over 2 weeks. Interstate competitors welcome. Better get a riggle on if you want to make the grid for this 2 day event. Will be a practice day on the Friday before the race meeting but will need 10 to make sure we have our own sloat the practice day.
At this point, we will have 2 French girls, Emma and Ella, as our Grid Girls on the Sunday. Restraint will be required by all.

The 2014 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series Pre entry information at the start of this thread says "Format for the 2 day events will be 1 x 10 minute qualifying, 1 x 5 lap race, 1 x 10 lap race, 1 x 12 lap race, 1 x 12 lap race". However there is a chance we can stretch the first race of 5 laps and make it 10 laps. TBC at this point.
Race entries close in 2 weeks. Time to shake your tail feather and enter asap.

What a magnificent day in the sun today at Lakeside for Round 3 of the Motorsport Zone Superkart Series.
The gearbox field was on the pace early with the 2 Anderson DEA's of Russell Jamieson and Jason Smith along with the Anderson Gas Gas of Dan Lewis all very close to lap record pace in Qualifying.
Race 1 for the gearbox field seen Jason Smiths record of a 50 second lap get broken by Russell Jamieson, into the 49 second bracket. Well done Russell.
In the Motorsport Zone Rotax Max Superkart Cup field, where a good qualifying time was a 1.03 and a 1.02 was rare, now we have a group of competitors qualifying in the 1.02 second bracket. Sean Maberly even thought it was necessary to buy a new Rotax Max engine package to get himself back to the front of the field. Has paid dividends as he has 2 race wins in the Motorsport Zone Rotax Max Superkart Cup for the weekend so far. Sciacca had a deflating tyre, John Caruana having a shocker Saturday.
Tomorrow sees 3 more Motorsport Zone Superkart Challenge Series races for the gearbox division and 2 more for the Motorsport Zone Rotax Max Superkart Cup. A slight sprinkle of rain in Brisbane now which will make the track interesting for competition Sunday.

No doubt about it, you can't beat the weather in Brisbane. Fantastic race meeting in the sun. Russell Jamieson joined the 49 second club at Lakeside, very rare anyone gets into it. Only 3 I am told since the track has re-opened.
The Motorsport Zone Superkart Series put on a great show again. These great events are not possible without the series sponsors, MotorsportZone, Middletons Printing and Zahl 1 Karting.
The french Grid Girls, Emma and Ella, were great. They handed out about 500 pamphlets, has a few thousand photos with everybody at the track. A good promotional day for Motorsport Zone and Superkarts. Did I mention it was very sunny? Anyhow some photos from the weekend below with the sponsors BMW race car.

Practice is available on Friday, August 22, 2014 , 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at Queensland Raceway.
$80 for a half day practice or $120 for the full day! Track licence from just $20. Need 10 to secure our own slot. If not you may be put with formula cars or something.

So far we have;
1. Hogan 250 Nat
2. Stockman 250 Int
3. Nuske 125NGB
4. Hays 125 GB
5. Brooksy 250 Nat
6. Penrose 250 Int
7. Silcock 125GB
8. Marshall 125NGB

Allan Litten

Thu, 21/08/2014 - 11:47

[quote author=Ashley Zahl link=topic=2311.msg26442#msg26442 date=1408447516]
we have 8 250 National entered for this weekend. We have about 12 registered.

That is good to hear Ashley - it is a great class and it is hard to see why there are not more people in this class, especially since the Stock Honda class is growing and is about the same money for a s/h unit. :o
When you see Marty and Dalton's times for the Creek and see that $8000 would buy you Dalton's kart, it is surprising no one has taken him up on it. ???


[quote author=GtG001 link=topic=2311.msg26446#msg26446 date=1408585649]
When you see Marty and Dalton's times for the Creek and see that $8000 would buy you Dalton's kart, it is surprising no one has taken him up on it. ???
I was first to drive that kart brand new off the jig, off the dyno, no track testing on the chassis or engine ever before and spanked the Victorian's with it at Phillip Island. I only drove it once, it had so much potential to make it better. I wish I had driven that kart more before the squirrel took it......but look at the squirrel go now.......good job squirrel!

That kart is easy to drive and maintain for a novice, I scratch my head too sometimes Allan.

For anyone that's interested in streaming the event over the weekend below is how to access it

It can be accessed via our home page, we have a green button up the top that becomes visible when Live streaming is occurring. we should have it streaming for both days.


Round 4 of the 2014 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series has been run and won. Was great to see Brian and Matt Stockman and Warren McIlveen with us on the weekend. Some great racing in all classes with the level of competition getting better all the time. Numbers of 250 National and 125GB are very high at the moment which is good to see.
Winners of the classes were
250 International Warren McIlveen
250 National Dan Lewis
125GB Grant Yarrow
85cc GB Stewart Bell
125cc Rotax LIght Peter Nuske
125cc Rotax Heavy John Caruana
125cc Rotax Junior Quintin Slabbert
On behalf of the Queensland Superkart Club Inc, we have to thank the event sponsors, Motorsport Zone, Zahl 1 Karting and Middletons Printing. Without their support these events don't happen to the level we are now used to. It also helps to have some glamour at the meeting. Nicole and Stacey did a great job doing Grid Girl duties.

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Here you go Jase mate, have a good look, straight off the track from a Phillip Island flogging, this is what I'm bringing up.
Get that Stock Honda Pineapple Cup ready mate, better give cyclops a call to come out of the woodwork, we could do with a good laugh.
Seriously, how easy is Stock Honda?
"see you on the road skag"