McNamara Park at Mt Gambier - Could Superkarts Race There?

Submitted by Matt on Tue, 10/03/2009 - 09:22
Just wondering if the discussion has ever arisen about the prospects of racing at McNamara Park at Mt Gambier? Currently the circuit is owned by the Mt Gambier Motorcycle and Light Car Club and only holds motorcycle events. I don't think that any CAMS sanctioned events take place there, although could it be a possibility for superkarts to race there? It might add a bit of variety to SA which is suffering as a 1 circuit state.


Townsville - who's driving, what to see, and who needs what brought up

Submitted by Sharon Harper … on Mon, 09/03/2009 - 19:25
Who's driving up and when? The Happy Harpers are doing a road trip to the Nationals (just like last year and the year before) and are wondering who they know from Victoria will be heading up.

Who's going to need last minute spares brought up? Who's going to forget that all important good luck charm, racesuit or (god forbid) license?

How do you get a 250 inter under 95 DB.????

Submitted by Cameron on Thu, 26/02/2009 - 12:22
Hi Thought id throw a question open. I own a 250 TZ PVP kart. As some of you may be aware Lakeside has been resurfaced and is now holding race meets. They are very strict on noise etc and if you go above 95 you are out for the day. I use Jolly moto pipes and seems quiter than most twins but am hoping to get a reading done soon to confirm. So anyone tried to do this? ie what muffler ends should i look at?