night meets

Submitted by RAY Halesworth on Thu, 30/07/2009 - 10:17
i reply d to the post about street meets and how to help promote the sport ,what are everyone's thoughts on some more night races at some high profile tracks like todd rd ,from a spectators view i think it would look great and would attract a lot of interest to the sport

New Arrow 28-30 ???

Submitted by Jayden Schmidt on Wed, 29/07/2009 - 22:05
All Stars round 3 at todd road, i noticed Bart Price in what looked to be like Arrows new 28-30 it had new bearing carriers and new ride height adjusters and other different mod cons the frame looks to be pretty much the same i have heard around the traps that this new chassis may be out by the end of the year and looks to be pretty much just making the old looking XE-28 to

Michael Schumacher to make F1 come back next race

Submitted by Jayden Schmidt on Wed, 29/07/2009 - 20:42
I was watching the news last night and apparently Michael Schumacher will be driving for Ferrari at the next F1 race meet due to Massa's recent incident and may be taking over for Massa until the end of the year. This will be surely be exciting to watch will he bring Ferrari back to the top??? But remember this is only speculation it may not be true. Hope it is though!!!