IKD actively supporting Golden Power Series

Submitted by webmaster on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 06:53

As noted on IKD's Rotax Pro Tour page, a Rotax class will be run in the Golden Power Series for 2020.  Same topic is also posted on Facts Karting in Australia website.

The  IKD post does not make it clear why this change is being made, but there could be many reason to see the merging of what were traditionally separating KA and IKD events.  Some clubs have previously run IKD classes as a low key event in the past, but this seems to be taking this up a notch or two.

Kart 125 Rotax

Submitted by paulsmith@pspc… on Wed, 01/01/2020 - 15:57

Hi I am selling my Kart, as i don't have time anymore, only managed to get out a few times this year, it runs good, it has a new MyChron 5 with it that was bought at christmas last year so not done many miles comes with stand, spare rims, sprockets, tyre changing tool tyre pump, battery charger, helmet and race suite, would be a good first Kart for someone. Let me know if you would like to come and see it

Ute for karting

Submitted by Tyson Arden88 on Wed, 25/12/2019 - 23:12

Hey does anybody here use a Holden vu-vz Holden ute for karting? Does a senior kart fit in the back without taking the sidepods off? I'm hoping to fit it under the hard lid with the wheels on and steering wheel off but see how that goes, the highest point probably the radiator after the steering column.

Time for you to create your Club's 2020 Events

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 19/12/2019 - 10:44

It's now that time of year where we are looking for assistance to publish the 2020 Calendar.

Either forward details to the webmaster or create the events yourself through the "Add Events" link on the left hand menu (after you login).

KZ ricciardo kart with TM KZ10B ENGINE

Submitted by kzkartfan on Wed, 04/12/2019 - 13:38

I bought this kart from Plumb racing a few years ago to do some track days as a hobby. Plumb held the lap record in this kart in Newcastle at the time.

The kart has only done 3 meets in total. 

The engine was fully rebuilt when I first looked at it for sale but then they did one race meet in NSW- so 11 hours on it on the current build. They put on new front discs and I have a set of tyres on the kart and spares from qualifying.

It has an alfono fitted.

Share Ideas for Keeping Costs under control

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 06/10/2019 - 08:24

We probably all have ideas for keeping karting costs under control so that we can all just enjoy the sport. 

Not everyone has a bottomless pit of money, and some of us just want to go out and have a bit of fun, be as competitive as we can with what we've got and be satisfied at maximising the value we get from the sport.

What ideas do you have to share with others on keeping costs restrained?